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About Global Technologies

Global is a family owned and operated cable and wire harness manufacturer in Spring Lake Michigan. Simply put, we build the guts (electronics) that make other products work. We utilize 30k sq. ft, building parts that go on to save and improve lives (medical and industrial products). We foster a fun yet hard working environment that our people take pride in; quality parts for quality customers since 1968.


We are growing, fast. We need people who want to grow with us, be challenged, and love to learn. We provide the training and support needed to make sure our employees are primed to succeed from day 1.

  • 1st Shift
  • Holiday and Vacation Pay
  • Additional Earned PTO


Safe & Well Lit

(Not Exactly your Neighborhood Foundry)

Clean & Comfortable

(No Heavy Lifting)


(Because Nice Matters)

Team Approach

(Many Hands Make Light Work)


We want our Global family to be quality people who build quality parts and receive quality benefits. Our list of benefits include:

Health Benefits

Profit Sharing to 401K

Quarterly Gain Sharing

401K Match

Tuition Reimbursement

Growth Opportunities

“I like the steady, honest, worthy work at Global Technologies and that it is also a sit down job that I can
do until I’m 65!”

Yvone Downey Solder Family Member

“I appreciate that I am valued. My managers encourage me to grow and welcome my feedback and

Sara Goforth Customer Service Family Member

“At Global we are treated like we are a small family.”

Steve Davis Maintenance Family Member

“I’m always learning new things. It is also nice how they work with you when you have issues at home
or when you are sick.”

Theresa Heyn Termination Family member

Easy application, apply to Global now!


Global makes sure that all new employees are set on the right track for success. We have team leads, assistant leads and full time trainers, all focused on getting employees up to speed and comfortable making our products.

Global is a family run company, run like a family. The owners spend time daily out on the plant floor, and work with people on a first name basis. As they like to say, when they’re not in the plant, their office door is “always open”.

Paychecks are distributed twice a month, and profit sharing bonuses are shared quarterly.

We always look for internal promotions first, and are keen on recognizing talent and loyalty. Many of our employees have gone through several promotions. Almost all of our lead positions, technicians, and customer service reps have been filled from Global family members that started as production associates. 


Impromptu luncheons, Global Swag, nature trails, music while you work, Christmas parties, on-site life coaches,